Your Commercial Audio, Video, and Automation Partner

At Acoustic Designs, we understand that every commercial space has its own unique needs and requirements. Whether you’re running a bustling restaurant, a cutting-edge fitness center, or a dynamic entertainment venue, we’re here to provide tailored audio, video, and automation solutions that elevate your business and delight your customers. Explore our expertise in key commercial sectors below and discover how we can help you create immersive, engaging experiences that set you apart from the competition.


Restaurants: Enhance the Ambiance, Elevate the Experience

From intimate dining rooms to vibrant outdoor patios, our restaurant solutions elevate ambiance with curated soundscapes, dynamic lighting, and automated window treatments. We captivate senses with high-definition displays, ensuring patrons return for more. Our integrated approach transforms dining experiences, creating memorable moments for every guest.

Fitness Centers

Fitness Centers: Energize Your Workouts, Inspire Your Members

Fuel your fitness center with high-energy audio and motivational visuals that inspire your members to push their limits and achieve their goals. Whether you're leading group classes or providing personalized training sessions, our fitness center solutions keep the energy levels high and the motivation flowing, creating an atmosphere where success is inevitable.


Entertainment Venues: Create Unforgettable Experiences

From bowling alleys to sports bars and beyond, our entertainment venue solutions are designed to create unforgettable experiences for your guests. With immersive audio systems, stunning video displays, and automated lighting and window treatments, we transform your space into a dynamic entertainment hub where every event is a memorable occasion.

Office/Warehouse: Boost Productivity, Enhance Efficiency

Create productive, efficient workspaces that empower your team to do their best work with our office and warehouse solutions. From background music systems that foster focus and concentration to video conferencing setups that facilitate collaboration across teams and locations, we help you optimize your operations and achieve your business objectives.

New Construction

New Construction: Future-Proof Your Work Environments

Set your commercial property up for success from the ground up with our new construction services. Whether you're building a new office complex, restaurant, or entertainment venue, our team of experts will work with you from the planning stages to the final installation, ensuring that your space is equipped with the latest audio, video, security, and automation technology to meet your needs now and in the future.

Transform Your Commercial Space with Acoustic Designs

Ready to take your commercial space to the next level with state-of-the-art audio, video, and automation solutions? Contact Us today to schedule a consultation and discover how Acoustic Designs can help you create immersive, engaging experiences that leave a lasting impression on your customers and clients. From restaurants and fitness centers to entertainment venues and beyond, we’re here to help you succeed.